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Just like on any other forum there are a few rules that I would like you to follow in order to keep this place fun for everyone. This board will hopefully contain no censorship as long as it is related to the discussion of Gibson's scripts. We know that the majority of these will be common sense to most people, but please at least scan them anyway. The reason we post these is to help the boards run more smoothly. If you have any questions regarding these rules, then feel free to PM me.


  1. Be friendly towards others.
  2. Please do not post any personal information of any kind, be it yours or anyone else's.
  3. Don't post the same topic more than once.
  4. Don't start a new thread about something covered in another thread (common board courtesy is to scan the board first), and especially do not start a new thread to post a reply message to something in another thread.
  5. Try not to post more than several times a day.
  6. Please don't create a thread to tell us you think the boards are boring.
  7. Posting any kind of spam is strictly forbidden. Any account that appears to have been registered simply to spread spam (usually recognized by their use of nonsensical, suspicious, or obvious names) will be removed on sight. Spammers beware! I will be comparing the IP and email address of every new user with the database. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about. All others, fear and tremble!
  8. Let's have meaningful posts please, no otherwise useless opinions unless you're letting us know why you think so as well, and thereby sparking a discussion.
  9. Do not reply to posts if you have nothing to add other than that you agree with the poster above you. It's a waste of time and space.
  10. Do not overuse emoticons, exclamation points, or any other punctuation mark, do not add "LOL" to every single post (we know you're not really laughing, and neither are we), and do not type in all caps, alternating caps, or cell phone/text pager code. You are not limited on how many characters you use. It annoys everyone else.
  11. Please keep all images to a reasonable size or else only post the link. Avatars can have a maximum size of 65x65 pixels. Keep your signatures to a reasonable size as well!
  12. If you have a technical problem using the boards, please PM me about the problem and I'll be glad to help.


  • Any post that contains a personal attack on another board user
  • Any post that contains sensitive personal information (whether true or untrue) about anybody, be it yourself or someone else
  • Any post containing graphic pornography or spam
  • Anything over a couple of months old, when we need to reclaim space on the server


Please be advised that the opinions and information posted on the boards are the sole property of the person who posted the message, and that those opinions or any offers or promotions are not necessarily endorsed by the owners, administrators, or moderators of these message boards unless otherwise indicated. By reading or posting on these boards, you agree to accept sole responsibility for any loss, liability and/or damage arising from or in connection with the contents of any of the forum message boards.

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