Reading the Writing

Hello and welcome!

Gibson DelGiudice knew he wanted to be involved in entertainment when he first saw Jesus Christ Superstar at a tender age, and since then made efforts to be someone important in the industry. At the age of 15, Gibson was introduced by Michael Butler (Hair) and his producing group to Richard Haase as a prodigy that Butler felt Haase should take a professional interest in. After five years of training and apprenticeship, Gibson emerged as a vital member of Haase's producers' unit, involved in the company's productions for major stage, film, and television. He is currently the V.P. of Project Development, Management and Production for East West Image Media International.

But that's his day job. Gibson has always had aspirations of being a writer, but was never any good at his own ideas. However, he was quite adept at adapting the work of other people. It was then that he learned of the wonderful world of fan fiction, and specifically fan screenplays -- that is, a screenplay written purely for fan effort, with no intention of commercial production, both as a writing exercise to show what the fan would like to see on the screen, and to show off the fan's ability to adapt material in order to further their own career.

This site is designed to showcase Gibson's screenplays. Have a look, see what you like, and post your comments in the Members Area! Although this thought is probably unrealistic, let's hope Hollywood gets a look and learns a bit more about carefully developing a film adaptation of a musical with regard to respecting the integrity of the original material.